**Transient Image Loaders**

Transient image loaders and writers are available for different programming languages. They are distributed as source code. All implementations are public domain.

The scripts are part of the toolbox and are available as a single [download](/toolbox).


The C++ interface is written in modern C++ (developed using VS2015) as a single header file that depends only on the standard library. It can thus be directly used by any C++ project.

All definitions are inside the `LibTransientImage` namespace. For each format version (currently 01 and 04) there exist an individual class representing them. The type definition `TransientImage` is set to the latest format version. Implementations of newer file format versions can also load (and implicitly convert) older file format versions. Image properties can be accessed as `std::string` and subsequently passed to any JSON parser.


The Python interface mainly consists of a class representing a transient image. Transient image objects have different members depending on the version of the file they were loaded from. Python 3 is used.


The Matlab interface is a single function that loads a transient image in different formats. It returns the pixel data as an array and a header containing all the meta information.