The toolbox contains various scripts and libraries that are useful for participants. For convenience, they are bundled into a single file.
Everything is distributed in source code but the dependencies are minimal (and in part bundled), so compilation should be quick and painless.




Code to open transient images in C++, Python and Matlab. [Documentation](/doc/loader).

**Transient Image tools**

Several Python tools to work with transient images
    - **Transient Image Viewer**: Simple graphical viewer for transient images.
    - **SetupConverter**: Tool to convert transient images to different setups (field of view, camera position, resolution etc.)
    - **NoiseTool**: Tools to add noise and apply camera models to synthetic images.


Python scripts to evaluate the reconstruction quality. These are the same scripts that run on the server, so they can be used for offline testing. Most challenges provide solutions for some of their tasks which can be compared to your own solutions.