**Scene Setup**

All challenges of the benchmark share the same standard setup:

![Standard setup](/images/Setup.png)

Except for the object that has to be reconstructed, the scene is empty (so the transient images do not contain any signal from the scene background).

The laser spot on the reflector is in its centre which is also the origin of the coordinate system. All objects are contained within a $0.5^3$ volume in front of the reflector. As reference, the scene is available as [download](/downloads/SceneSetup.7z).

As all flight times are already unwarped (the flight times from the laser to the reflector and the reflector to the camera are removed), there is no specific laser or camera position.

!!! Tip
    It is a good idea, to view the scene mesh and the [ground truth data](/database/Geometry/GeometryGT.7z) from the geometry challenge at the same time, to get a better understanding of the scene.